About turboCCTV

Turbo CCTV was launched in 2016 as a sister site to use-IP.co.uk, providing customers with an alternative product line to a traditional IP camera system. For years, analogue cameras were no longer fit for purpose in modern security systems, as they were unable to produce images of an acceptable resolution and quality, and lacked the range of utilties that IP cameras could offer.

Over the past 18 months however, a number of companies have brought to market a whole series of products that have brought analogue cameras into the 21st century. HD TVI technology means that cameras are now able to transmit 1080p video via coaxial cable, latency-free and at a very low bandwidth. Other recent developments include the ability to send and receive information via coax, and recently announced are plans to introduce Power over Coax, meaning that installation will be even easier and more affordable for consumers.

What we offer

We're excited about this new technology, and so want to bring it to the European market as a fantastic option that will both open up security to a wider audience, and allow those with existing analogue systems transition towards a digital system without losing their investment on coax infrastructure.

We're offering the same five-star customer service and technical support as we do with use-IP, and we strive to ensure that the products we offer are the best on the market, and at the best price available.

Find out more

Interested in seeing the faces behind the names? Come on and meet the team - we don't bite!

If you're interested in learning more, we've written an in-depth article explaining what is Turbo HD, and the benefits that it could bring you as a consumer.

We also have a forum explaining the products and providing a place to discuss and resolve any issues that arise in their installation and running.