Hard Drives


Hard Drives

Surveillance hard drives are built specifically for the task of continually writing data, and provide excellent reliability to ensure that all security footage is recorded accurately and fully.

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  1. Western Digital Purple | SATA 6 GB/s NAS Hard Drive

    Western Digital Purple | 1-10 TB SATA 6 GB/s NAS Hard Drive

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    Previously known as the WDxxPURX, Western Digital have upgraded the range to the WDxxPURZ.

    The WD Purple hard drives have been specifically designed for 24/7 DVR and NVR surveillance solutions. They are optimised with AllFrame 4K technology, which improves ATA streaming to help reduce frame loss, improve overall video playback and increase the number of hard drive bays supported within an NVR. All WD Purple drives have been optimised to support up to 64 cameras, giving the flexibility to upgrade and expand your security system in the future. Using their exclusive IntelliSeek technology enables the drives to calculate optimum seek speeds, keeping power consumption low so ambient noise and vibrations are at a minimum. With support for more than 8 bays and tarnish resistant components, WD Purple drives deliver reliable operation in larger scale surveillance systems in harsher environments.

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