What is Turbo HD?

A Hikvision Turbo HD Camera

Turbo HD is a new line of HDTVI (high definition transport video interface) CCTV security cameras released by Hikvision. These cameras represent a huge leap forward in what is possible with analogue technology - previously the highest resolution available was only 0.4MP, whereas the new technology allows for the recording of full HD 1080p resolutions via coax cable!

This isn't the only benefit offered by these cameras however; we'll go into some of the others with you below.

The Benefits


One of the major benefits that the Turbo HD line offers is a very low price point for consumers looking to buy a security system. This is true both for those building new systems, and those upgrading existing ones. For businesses that already have an existing legacy coax cable network, but don't wish to lose their investment by installing an entirely new IP camera system, Turbo HD offers a fantastic way to utilise this existing infrastructure and upgrade to a fully modern HD system. The cameras do not require any new or special cables - they are able to provide 1080p video using existing coax.

For new customers, Turbo HD offers a fantastic option for those on a budget. The cameras themselves are very cost-effective whilst still providing lots of utility, and this means that a home-owner or small business owner can still purchase a fully HD, multi-camera system, at a price-point that previously wouldn't have been available. This is great news for consumers and further opens up security to wider range of people than was previously possible - lowering the barrier to entry and allowing more people to keep their property safe.


The ease with which the Turbo HD cameras operate is one of the very big draws towards using this technology. Because they utilise analogue coax cable, setting them up is pretty much as straightforward as plugging them in to a DVR and powering on. They also comply with the HDTVI open standard, meaning that they're compatible with other 3rd party HDTVI compliant devices, as well as a range of traditional SD analogue cameras.

Their simplicity is also one of the major reasons why the cameras themselves are so inexpensive. In an IP camera system, a lot of the computing power used to process the image is contained within the cameras themselves, meaning that the price of each individual unit is pushed up as a result. In an HDTVI system however, the image processing is contained entirely within the DVR itself, meaning that the cameras are able to be produced and sold for a far lower price than their IP counterparts. The image is transferred uncompressed and latency free up to 500m, and as an additional bonus the bandwidth used to do so is lower than that of an IP camera. Altogether this makes for a very lightweight system, that is easily adapted to most situations and can be altered and upgraded hassle-free.


Hikvision's range of 'tribrid' DVRs allow the use of HD TVI, existing analogue, and IP cameras on the same system. This really allows the customer to tailor their solution perfectly to their individual needs, and means that the migration from analogue to digital systems is made much smoother and more seamless than it has been in the past. This is particularly true for larger organisations looking to upgrade their existing security network, where as we've said above, the Turbo HD cameras are able to make use of existing coax networks and prolong the life of this investment.

The cameras themselves are also far more versatile than previous analogue models. With advances in technology, Turbo HD cameras are able to both send and receive data via coax cable, meaning that they can be controlled without the need for additional infrastructure, as well as allowing the use of smart software to issue commands to the cameras from a central server. This means that buying into a Turbo HD system in no way means compromising on the options that are available to you, and still allows you access to the full range of features that we've come to expect from modern CCTV systems.

What's Next for Turbo HD?

Compared to other CCTV solutions, HD TVI is still in its infancy. It is an exciting new technology which is still evolving and improving, and new developments are being announced very regularly. One of the drawbacks of analogue systems in the past has been the lack of an equivalent to the PoE (Power over Ethernet) standard, which is a staple feature and major benefit of IP cameras. However, both Hikvision and other companies have announced that they'll soon be bringing cameras and DVRs that support Power over Coax, something that promises to reduce the overall cost of systems further and make them even easier to install!

What's next for Turbo HD? That's for the developers to decide. However, we look forward to continually having our expectations for the technology exceeded, and are very excited to see what else is possible with the technology over the next few years!


Turbo HD cameras offer a straightforward, reliable, and fantastically cost effective solution for a wide variety of surveillance needs, and is a brilliant product line that promises to open up security to a wider range of users than was previously possible. They are able to offer 1080p uncompressed video via coax cable at ranges of up to 500m, and come with a full range of options and features that are able to be controlled via coax cable connection.

We offer a full range of Hikvision Turbo HD CCTV cameras at our webshop, as well as the best CCTV hard drives and CCTV accessories to help you build your system.

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